4 covers

4 covers

mardi 6 mai 2014


Een leuk klein avontuurtje in maar 5 pagina's. De moeder van de Zware Jongens herkent haar zonen niet, want ze lijdt aan de Vergeetziekte.


A real nice little adventure in 5 pages only. The Beagle Boys' mama doesn't recognize her sons, as she suffers from Amnesia Sickness.

Story code: H 23036

Art: Freddy Milton
Date of first publication: June 18, 2004

Looking at the final art, I find it rather weak, and...
WTF! What is THIS?!
I wrote the story about the Beagle Boys' mama, and the editors changed her into a completely unknown "Aunt Corrie".
What is this obsession to dilute everything? Are mamas forbidden?


(Here I add the Milton panel that Zozo Bozozio refers to in his commentary. I see no way to include it in my commentary...)

6 commentaires:

  1. Yet, the Beagle Boys mother does exist ! Except that in french she's called grandma.
    They have a grandmother too, and in french she's an aunt :
    Talking about your works with Milton, what can you say about this (rather surprising) panel ?

    1. (By the way, it seems that the museum curator has become a doctor)

    2. Is that from one of my stories? I have some vague recollection. Isn't the dog pointing at something behind the bear? It looks great as an isolated panel!

    3. Indeed ! http://coa.inducks.org/story.php?c=H+95007
      I think the kids thought the bear ate the Mogul because the dog is pointing at him, but actually he was hidden in the tree stump. And I agree, the panel is fun ; quite hard to think it's not deliberate though ! :)

    4. Do you have the code of that story? If I find it, I can post it here. Thanks!