4 covers

4 covers

mardi 16 septembre 2014


Buurman Bolderbast moet zeggen dat Donald een prachtige stem heeft, en hij zegt het, tegen wil en dank. Ik houd van dat soort verhalen.


Neighbour Jones is forced to say that Donald has a wonderful voice and he does say it, reluctantly. I love this kind of a story.

Story code: H 2013-005

Pencils: Sander Gulien
Ink: Tony Fernández

Date of first publication: September 12, 2014

Ik had het net naar de redactie gemaild, toen ik nog even wat op Facebook rondbanjerde en op de volgende post stuitte:


I had just sent this story to the editors, when I roamed on the internet and came across this post:

“Cycle of Experimental Art”, (1968), Rosario, Argentina by Graciela Carnevale.

"In the context of Fascist Argentina, Carnevale invited an audience to an exhibition where she locked them inside the gallery for over an hour without prior notice or explanation, until the crowd finally decided to smash the glass to escape."

(None of them had Donald's vocal cords...)

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