4 covers

4 covers

lundi 1 septembre 2014

Gobble, Gobble!

Deze is al 26 jaar oud dit jaar. Nog helemaal met de hand gedaan in het Computerloze Tijdperk.
De photocopieermachine heeft de schetsen aan de bovenkant net iets te laag afgesneden. Mijn verontschuldigingen.


This one is already 26 years old this year. It was done by hand in pre-computer days and the photocopy machine did cut my sketches at the top. I apologize.
The story is about Donald slaving at Uncle Scrooge's turkey farm, becoming disgusted with birds in general.
In town, Duckburg has its yearly "Be Nice To Birds Week" and Daisy is a member of the jury. Donald feels obliged to participate, but all his good plans go awry in a spectacular way and he is collecting plenty of penalty points from Daisy.
After a fight with Daisy (when she learns what an abominable day job Donald has) poor Donald is hit on the head and thinks he is a bird himself (well, of course he is, but he thinks he is a turkey). So he sets the turkeys from Scrooges farm free, to please Daisy and to help his fellow turkeys.
In the end, the turkeys have a less than uncertain future in town and Daisy gives penalty points to everybody, including herself.

Story code: H 88118

Art: Freddy Milton
Date of first publication: December 13, 1991

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