4 covers

4 covers

mercredi 5 février 2014

Zeke Builds His Own Prison

De eerste versie liep wat te gladjes. Knir was niet bang genoeg voor Midas en begon zonder problemen met hem te dammen. Na wat geknor van de redactie voegde ik het gevangenis-plan toe en het verhaal werd inderdaad veel leuker. Vooral het einde:

My first version was shorter and smoother. In fact, a little too smooth, as Fifer Pig was not afraid enough of Zeke Wolf, and started without much ado a game of checkers with him.
Basic error, of course. We should never forget the personalities of our characters to sacrifiy them for easy or lazy story writing.
After some grunting from the editors I added the prison plan and the story became a lot funnier. Really a lot.

Story code: H 26191

Art: Comicup Studio

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